As   we’ve mentioned in   our mini-conclusions, both renewable energy and recycling cannot improve our   environment in short term. It implies that green technology is not able to   improve our environment or solve the problems that we are facing like, global   warming in short. What green technology brings us in short term is   inconvenience, high cost, low efficiency and etc. That’s why people start to   criticize whether we should keep investing in the green technology, and rely   on it for solving the problems that we are facing. Although   there are some defects of  green   technology, every thing   done should have both positive impacts and negative impacts. Since we are now   still at a starting stage of developing green technology, some defects are   due to its immature. For example, defects like low efficiency can be solved,   when we keeping on putting effort in doing research and improvement.  In fact, one of us will agree   that problems like global warming and energy crisis can not be solved within   one or two years. It really requires our determination and continue effort in   improving the situation. Green technology will definitely be the solution   that gets the potential in helping us to solve those problems and improve our   environment.

Although these two technologies still have room for improvement, their merits are more important than the defects in long term.

With the increasing demand of energy and waste production, these two technologies will be the main component of green technology. We should give our full support for developing the technologies.

We should go with others, for a better world.